Big Blue Sessions

Big Blue Sessions is a video series of live performances by electronic music DJs jamming with a live musician.

DJs and musicians explore ways to collaborate and communicate through melodies and harmonies while creating a unique set that no one has ever heard before. We created the Big Blue Sessions to provide a unique space in nature for artists to express themselves and connect with others.

I really love doing this project because we get to have a private concert by amazingly talented artists. Artists love to be able to share their sound in different spaces and I think that hosting them at Studio Big Blue is unique in that they have a crowd that reciprocates their love for music and a place in nature to let go of the city. The Big Blue Sessions is also a platform for artists to create a set that will be mastered and also a video of them playing.
On the other hand, we provide our listeners with hours of amazing music to tune in and let go. 

Location: Sainte Adolphe d'Howard, Quebec, Canada

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