User Research

Through user mapping, key informant interviews, and focus groups we find out your users needs, pain points, and limitations. We will also learn what is the best way to reach your users and what type of branding attracts them the most. With user research gives us have the best possible insights to work with to make the best business or project designs. 

Ideal for projects

  1. in development phase in order to increase their probability of product market fit​

  2. that have launched but have not achieved product market fit 

User Mapping

Define typology of  users and  identify  needs, pain points, and limitations  for each user.


User Journey

A user journey is the experiences a person has when interacting with a product or project. By identifying the user journey, we can start identifying users needs and limitations.


Key Informant Interview

We will interview key informants to further refine our research and understand our user.


Focus Groups

We plan on hosting focus groups with users in order to further understand their needs and limitations. This can be done through online surveys or calls.



Finally, we will write a report to present to you our findings and identify your next steps. 


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