Business and Project Design

From idea to conception or only focusing on a particular stage, I can help individuals or organizations design businesses with:

Market Research

Gain a deeper understanding of the trends and opportunities in your market. This will help you develop clear value propositions and also enrich your product or service development process because you'll be inspired by what others are doing worldwide.

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User Research

Through user mapping, key informant interviews, and focus groups we find out your users needs, pain points, and limitations. We will also learn what is the best way to reach your users and what type of branding attracts them the most. With user research gives us have the best possible insights to work with to make the best business or project designs. 

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Brainstorming co-design sessions

Once we have identified the market and the user, I will host co-design brainstorming sessions to begin developing your product, service, or social impact project. My methodology is based on the IDM process with a small modification from the Ever Better consulting firm. The IDM process is used when wanting to innovate, prototype, or co-create. It is explicitly not a consensus-based process and instead involves co-creating until a ‘comfortable’ solution is reached. It is a methodology used to innovate because sometimes ideas can seem not so good, but actually are good upon prototyping and iteration. It allows the idea to at least show itself and allows concerns to melt away.


Logistics (Product Design)

Once the product has been developed, we will need to think about manufacturing, transportation logistics, packaging, and organization. Lucky for you I have been through this process with different types of products such as apple cider vinegar in glass containers, prints, and shoes.



We will need to develop a brand and voice and launch the brand.

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Once you have launched the project, we need to keep a close eye through monitoring and evaluation because during the initial phase it is essential to make changes as your users begin to interact with the product or project and have problems.  


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