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During my time as External Relations of ECOLE, my task was to connect with the communities around us and offer our help and our space as a place where they could meet and make events. One of the communities I connected with was The Milton Parc Community. Little did I know that I was going to get involved with one of the most inspiring, resilient communities in Montreal. In the 1970s, the residents of the Milton Park Community opposed the gentrification of their neighborhood. In response to the massive destruction by multinationals to create more apartment buildings, they created a housing cooperative to preserve its historical neighboorhood. The Milton Parc Community houses more than 1,500 people in low and moderate-income housing in 616 apartments from more than fifty countries. It includes 146 residential buildings and two commercial buildings.

I was honored to connect with them. Soon I realized the community had no easy access to local and organic food, and thus, I decided I create a CSA program for the community. Community members would subscribe to receive a basket filled with organic vegetables and fruits grown in Quebec. Once a week, the farmer would dropoff the baskets at a pick location in the community alleyway, and its members would come to pick it up. I created this project such that it would continue long after I left; every week, a different community member would be the person in charge of receiving the baskets and distributing them, and with that, they became acquainted with the farmer. I am proud to say this project has continued for more than three years after I left.

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