meditations on inexhaustible abundance

“Oh longing mind, Dwell within the depth Of your own pure nature. Do not seek your home elsewhere... Your naked awareness along, O mind Is the inexhaustible abundance For which you long so desperately." - Sri Ramakrishna

I was meditating on this quote and it brought me to a point to where I visualized and felt as if I was in a white space- a white space where anything was possible, where "inexhaustible abundance" was possible.

In this space I began to create anything -the craziest flowers pots morphing into other shapes, imagining the most beautiful sounds and colors. I began to explore ways of building my surroundings and reimagining what objects are and can be. It's essence lies in knowing that you have everything you need inside of you and you just need to focus and tap into it.

From this white space I created the following art which I am using for newest service @mutuo__ (coaching/consulting+ website design for entrepreneurs) Xx,


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