mu·tu·al·ism + new projects

mu·tu·al·ism /ˈmyo͞oCHo͞oəˌlizəm/

defined as “a relationship between two species of organisms in which both benefit from the association.” (i.e. Bees fly from flower to flower gathering nectar, which they make into food, benefiting the bees. The flowers, in return, get pollen from another flower the bee landed on, become fertilized, and reproduce.) how this works in food: having a mutual relationship with food means to treat food well by nurturing its growth and surroundings in positive ways while in return, food treats us well by nurturing our bodies and minds.

evolving towards mutualism in our food system looks like: • eating local&organic food. • communicating the why and the how of local&organic food • teaching how to grow food or where to go to eat local. • facilitating access to local&organic products through the creation of products and farmers markets.

im on a mission to inspire and drive change in our food system. this photo is part of a new product I am developing in Mexico City. local, organic, made by women, fair-trade, zero-waste, conscious, and made with love. •••coming soon••• • • • I shared this post as part of the #havenbutterflychallenge. Thank you @lianacarbonephoto and @havencreative.mvmt for inspiring me

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