Market Research

  • Gain a deeper understanding of the trends and opportunities in your market

  • Develop clear value propositions

  • Inspire your project with this global research


Insights Matrix

Draft Matrix Elements (Specifically looking into elements that will influence the brand’s creation, such as brand identity, mission, values, messaging, photography, colors, models, website structure, social media strategy, content strategy, marketing strategy, etc.). Perform a knowledge scan on social media platforms and search engines.


Raw Search Insights

Insights on the historic keyword and hashtag search volume, and analytics of your product.


Trends and Opportunities Report

The trends and opportunities report is a visual report that describes the different market segments that exist within your market. For each segment, the most notable brands are showcased. Then a set of opportunity statements are presented based on the market and global trends.



Finally I present everything! The goal is to demonstrate the different users and the directions the brand could take and describe a more specific target market. We take some time to discuss what was learned and what could be next. 


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