Environmental Education Summer Camp

This project was led and developed by Jean Yves Taranger. I supported him in further developing the courses and the organization of the team as a whole. 

I taught a yoga class in the morning for all students. Students were noticeably calmer and more focused after a short morning yoga routine and on the last day, many of them said it was their favorite part of the day.

I also taught a soil class. The soil class was very engaging and aimed to teach children how to conduct an experiment. I began the course by talking about different soil-forming factors. Then we conducted an experiment to see if what I said was true and soil indeed changed as we hiked up the mountain. To prove soil changed as elevation increased we looked at the type of plants that were present. So as we hiked up the mountain, students picked out different plants and taped them to their notebooks. In the end, our hypothesis that soil change with elevation was correct and the children learned more about soil-forming factors, how soil impacts our plants, and how to conduct an experiment. I also took an opportunity to talk about what happens if we treat our soil badly and therefore how that can impact plants and our health. It was beautiful.

We also painted a mural with our students at the school we were giving classes in collaboration with an Art Collective from the Mixtec region

Santo Tomas Ocotepec, Oaxaca, México
key contributions