Chefis was the first tech startup I created. This is the failure I have learned the most from.


  • Participated as finalists in the Food & City Startup Competition at SXSW where we won the "Peoples Choice Award.

  • Participated in Mexico City´s first WeWork Labs accelerator program.

What was Chefis: Chefis was a marketplace to connect chefs, who cook from their homes, with busy consumers who want healthy, homemade meals delivered to their doorstep while causing no unnecessary harm to the environment.

Chefis increases urban food & nutrition security by improving food access through delivery, encouraging a sharing economy through our marketplace, expanding local markets due to the small initial investment needed to begin selling food on our platform, and shortening the global food chain, while strengthening the social fabric of communities, through small-scale consumer-producer relationships.

We decided to end this startup because we did not gain traction before we ran out of money and the founders' values ​​were misaligned with each other. As Chefis began to take shape I realized how this company was going to create a lot of waste and CO2 emissions. Thus I wanted to shift towards a more sustainable and healthy service, such as implementing a reusable Tupperware program while my partners did not. Therefore I learned that before beginning a project I need to choose partners who are aligned with values ​​and work ethic.

Location: Mexico City, Mexico